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BotaniCafé© was originally created in 2000 by two Puerto Rican sisters who come from a family of healers. When doctors were scarce on our island and the poor were dying of curable diseases, healers like our great-grandmother, grandmother and uncle were using herbs, roots, tonics, poulticesand prayers to cure and comfort the people. Their gift of healing was a delicate blend of experience, instinct, reverence for life, compassion and time-honored wisdom. BotaniCafé© was created to honor our Taíno, African and Spanish elders with a return or in Spanish "retorno", to our family's healing legacy. Today, Lourdes Garcia, Reiki Master, herbalist and aromatherapist is creating products that will not only help to ease your aches and temper your disappointments, but will help you to celebrate and savor the triumphs of life!


Scented & Unscented Shea Butters

This thick butter-like substance is full of soothing and healing properties. Extracted from the nut of the Shea nut or Karite tree in West Africa, it has been used for centuries by African people as a great overall body cream. BotaniCafe offers unique blend of essential oils to bring you three great scents: Soothing Lavendar, Aromatic Frankincense, and Sacred Space.

Bath Salts/Aromatherapy Salts

Luxuriate in a warm tub with our luscious bath salts. Prepared with Dead Sea salts and essential oils, our bath salts can also be used in your aromatherapy rituals.

Herbal Baths

Our herbal bath blend is great for soaking away negative energy, bad vibes and life's aggravations. Infused with gentle Reiki energy, our bath blend will help to relax and revitalize you. Our blend includes rosebuds & lavendar flowers.

Alcoholado/Alcohol Rub "El Sobito"

Our fragrant alcohol rub gently penetrates aching or throbbing joints, and muscles. Made with a traditional blend of fresh and dried herbs including All-Spice (Malagueta), Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and other healing herbs.

Aromatic Bath & Body Oils

Our aromatic oils are prepared with essential oils in a jojoba base oil. Try our Lavendar Bath & Body oil, Citrus Bath & Body oil and Sandalwood Bath & Body Oil. Our oils can also be used for massages and for aromatherapy.

Luxurious Sea Salt Baths

Having a rough day? Pour a handful of our sea salts, prepared with essential oils, into your bath water and soak away the tension! Slip into a warm bath scented with Lavendar, Sandalwood, or Frankincense among others. You can also soak with our plain sea salt for an unscented bath.

Eye Pillows

Our lovely eye pillows filled with flax seed and Lavendar, are great for tired eyes, stress headaches, or for meditation!


Essential Oils:

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